Thinking, we all do it all the time. However, do we always do independent un-clouded thinking? THINK AGAIN.

Our trails help tourist become more conscious of many of their actions which are passed on from generation to generation and in some cases even got distorted in the process. A group visiting temples might discuss why

  1. We touch feet of our elders and ask for their blessings
    1. Should we touch the whole feet or the toes
    2. Should we touch feet with fingers or palms
  2. We ring the bells when we enter the temple
  3. Why is lord Hanuman (A Hindu god), a bachelor, adorned with Sindoor, which symbolizes being married


There is a host of such interesting things in our personal and professional life which we observe so often that stop question them or trying to find an answer for them.  Such trails challenge our long set perceptions and encourage us to ask questions, find new answers and in the process encourage creative thinking and innovation.